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Parties & Groups

Children’s Parties

(Cost: $190 per party up to a group of 10 children)

Painting Parties – Ages 5 – 7

Kids can choose two bisque ware pieces to paint (unfired, unglazed) e.g. animal, mug or bowl. Painting is supervised by a qualified instructor and all materials are lead-free commercial paints/glazes.

Painting & Potting Parties – Ages 7+

Pinch a simple pot from clay, texturize and decorate it and paint a bisque ware piece. Pottery techniques and painting are supervised by a qualified instructor and all materials are lead-free commercial paints/glazes.

NOTE:  Pottery and painting birthday sessions are 2 hours with clean up session before cake and beverages are served.


The rate for groups of people up to a maximum of 10 people is $600 for a three-hour session.  The sessions includes cost of materials and supplies, including glaze and clay, access to all studio tools and equipment and your group is supervised by a qualified pottery instructor.  Groups will normally start with handbuilding simple pinch pots, bowls or a mug during a three hour session.


Sometimes extra practice under the guidance of an instructor is just what is needed after completing an Introductory pottery course or when you need more practice building a pot or throwing on the wheel.  Private lessons are available for $50 per hour plus the cost of clay.  See section on clay prices for more information.

Team-Building and Community Workshops

FREEDOM FRIDAYS –  Corporate Team Building Workshop

Creativity supports innovation and improves productivity. Enabling employees to create and collaborate through a fun activity enhances teams and encourages problem-solving. Enhance your employee’s creative thinking and collaboration through clay with our Freedom Fridays Team-building Workshops. Your team will have an opportunity to learn more about each other and improve their working relationships. Employees may choose to work collaboratively on a pottery project or work on an individual project that complements their teammates. A qualified ceramics instructor will guide your team through the making process and challenge them to think outside the box and create collaboratively (oh yes, and have fun too!).

600 + HST Group Rate for ½ day session
$1,200 + HST Group Rate for a full day session

Rates quoted up to a maximum of 10 employees. Cost includes all costs for materials and supplies including glaze and clay materials, access to studio tools and equipment, kiln firing and instruction.

Contact us by email to book your corporate team building session: [email protected]

NOTICE: Curbside pick-ups can be picked up during our normal working hours. Wed-Sun, 10-5! Dismiss