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Gallery Opening: Drum, HandiWERK! + To Be Announced

In a series of sculptures based on an issue of “Drum”, a homophile publication founded by Clark Polak in 1964. Drum is a formal investigation on a traditional technique of quilting framed within the construct of queer form.
HandiWERK! Is the first exhibition of its kind in NL history! Exceptional craftspeople have been paired with local drag superstars to celebrate the resourcefulness, resilience, and flamboyance that underpins both art forms. Drag performers Eda Kumquat, Irma Gerd, and Madame Daddy will bring to life the exquisite fashion, accessories, props, and staging expertly crafted by Jay Butler, Tucker Ellis, Cara Kansala, Jason Ross-Sellars, James Stenson, and Jason Wells.
Elements of display, site, illusion, reality, function, material, time, and labour are essential in Davies practice. It is through the seemingly invisible shifts in material, from the original object to the emulated object that allows the viewer to begin to reconsider what, where and how the ‘art objects’ are presented in the gallery space, in To Be Announced you will immerse yourself in conversation between the daily life and art practice.
Shows Open on August 23, 2019 at 6:00pm

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