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mitsujuk | kussikuashu | kpitni’sewet | they sew

The act of threading a needle and stitching is important to many traditions in craft; these threads span generations, and are connections that the Mi’kmaq, Innu and Inuit of this province have distinct cultural relationships to. mitsujuk | kussikuashu | kpitni’sewet | they sew presents the work of Alex Antle, Vanessa Flowers, Flora May, and Melissa Tremblett — four emerging artists with practices grounded in craft. The intimate works in this exhibition demonstrate how these women exercise their political and creative sovereignties by caring for their histories and kinships through radical acts of stitching. While braiding together reclaimed materials, Indigenous temporalities, and labour of their bodies, Antle, Flowers, May and Tremblett show us the nuances of craft specific to these lands. The artists in this exhibition acknowledge the enduring craft traditions of their ancestors and other Indigenous craftspeople throughout Ktaqamkuk, Nunatsiavut, NunatuKavut, and Nitassinan.

  • Start Date: Oct 11, 2019 End Date: Nov 17, 2019
  • Location: Craft Council Gallery
  • Hours:
  • Contact: [email protected] (709)753-2749