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Clay as Your Sketchbook – Sgraffito Surface Design


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Product Description

The instructor Evelyn Roitner is an illustrator and a potter, the perfect combination for the Sgraffito technique!  Sgraffito means “to scratch” in Italian and is a decorating pottery technique produced by applying layers of colour (underglazes or coloured slips) to leather hard clay and then scratching off parts of the clay to create contrasting images, patterns and texture revealing the clay body underneath. The layer(s) of colour can be underglazes or coloured slips. Bring your sketchbook and be prepared to first doodle or zen dangle patterns in your book and then your clay surface for a uniquely designed pot.


Pre-requisites:  Pottery Introduction or equivalent experience

Instructor:  Evelyn Roitner

​Night/Day:  Sundays

​Timeslot:  2 – 5 p.m.

​Dates:  Feb 9 -23rd, 2020

​Price:  $125 + $25 materials and supplies fee + HST

NOTICE: Curbside pick-ups can be picked up during our normal working hours. Wed-Sun, 10-5! Dismiss