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Glazing Techniques – Overview of Glaze Chemistry, Mixing and Testing Glazes (


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The process of glaze making is easily mastered if you have the right tools, follow an ordered procedure, and take the work seriously. Health and Safety principles are paramount in this course as glaze ingredients can be toxic if not handled carefully.  As part of the course fee, students will be provided with their own respirator to keep to ensure they follow safe mixing practices.

Glazes are not similar to paint whereby glazes must be fired and transformed during the firing process in order to produce their true colour.  The kiln firing changes the characteristics of the glaze, therefore accurate record keeping, glaze recipes and testing the glazes with test tiles is a necessary part of this course.  Besides being fun and an exciting discovery process, one of the main benefits of making and mixing your own glazes is it is very economical compared to purchasing commercial glazes.  This three-evening course will introduce you to making and mixing your own base glaze and adding colourants to customize the glaze, whether your desired result is glossy or matte.


Pre-requisites:  Pottery Introduction and Studio Safety and Orientation

Instructor:   Vickey Northey

​Night/Day:  Thursdays

​Timeslot:  6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

​Dates:  May 14 – 28th, 2020

​Price:  $125 + $55 materials and supplies fee + HST

(An approved respirator will be provided to each student)

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