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Intro to Ceramic Jewelry Making


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Product Description

Ceramic jewelry is such a wonderful medium in which to express your creativity and make wearable art!  During this introductory course, instruction will build on your introductory clay skills to transform ceramics into jewelry. Learn about what inspires you and how to incorporate that inspiration into smaller pieces. Learn how to create ceramic earrings, pendants and beads. This course includes the technical side of jewelry components such as fastening closures, stringing material, earring wires, chains and cords.  A variety of finishing techniques will be covered including water sanding, tumble sanding, and the application of underglaze and glazes. Students will decide on one final jewelry project to be presented to your fellow students during the last night of class. The course price includes 10 hours of additional open studio time in between classes to work on your jewelry projects.


Pre-requisites:  Pottery Introduction and completion of Studio Safety and Orientation and/or equivalent experience

Instructor:   Joanne O’Leary

​Night/Day:  Sundays

​Timeslot:  10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

​Dates:  May 3– June 7, 2020

​Price:  $275 + $50 materials and supplies fee + HST

NOTICE: Curbside pick-ups can be picked up during our normal working hours. Wed-Sun, 10-5! Dismiss