Becoming a member of the Craft Council opens access to a dedicated community of artists and craftspeople in our province.


Members are the first to know about internal opportunities, as well as information from Craft Council’s throughout the country. Members are also able to join and create their own profiles on the Citizens of Craft website, a national resource for craftspeople and craft supporters.

With more than four decades of experience in supporting the craftspeople of our province, the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador is a dynamic organization that continues to evolve as the needs of craftspeople—and the world around them—change.

What does membership mean?

It means you can take advantage of the projects and programs that the Craft Council operates for your benefit.

It means you can be informed about developments in the craft sector—at home, and at national and international levels.

It means that you can apply to support programs and benefit from the Craft Council’s resources

It means a stronger voice for craft, and a better craft organization

Join the craft council and you gain…

a community – We keep you informed about events and professional opportunities through a weekly email bulletin, a bi-monthly print newsletter, and our website. Our own events and exhibitions can put you in touch with craft and colleagues from across the province and country.

more exposure – and you choose how. Exhibit your work in the gallery? Sell it in the shop or at a fair? Promote your studio in the guide? Take part in  special events? All of the above?

learning opportunities – We offer workshops that can be media-specific, design-focused, business-related—or all of these.

new partners & support – Our affiliations with other groups bring you a range of opportunities and give your voice national scope. We regularly partner with government and its agencies to offer support programs, including a loan fund.
professional credential – When your work is successfully juried or wins a Craft Council Award for Excellence, it’s a sign of professional achievement and peer recognition of outstanding work.

Our memberships breakdown as follows:
General Membership
Marketing Membership
Student Membership